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Manifest Your Reality - Kalpataru

How to create our lives as we want them to be?
Your Will is only Life Energy! Your Will is a living organism, living mechanism, living principal. Give life to that, and constantly you will be rising to your highest possibilities.

The science of completion will not only help us to experience life, but it also teaches us how to remain eternally in love with life!


The continuous completion process infuses us with tremendous bliss, showing us our highest possibility and allowing us to enter into cosmic space.

Completion becomes part of our very being. Let us be constantly in love, which is living in pure excitement free from fear and worry, by completing with every aspect of our life and sharing this great science with everyone!


Science of Completion

Colleagues in Hallway

Manifest Ishwaratva

'Ishwaratva’ as leadership qualities
The word ‘Ishwaratva’ as becoming leader. Becoming leader is no way related to powerful or forceful. NO. Just realising by innate nature you are a leader and the extraordinary qualities of leader.

Power Manifestation

Power Manifestation :

Your cognition about you and your existence cannot stop your ability to manifest powers even when you are suffering with self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial.

Power Manifestation.jpg

Power Manifestation


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