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Become a Lifetime Member

Exclusive sessions and free access to associated campuses


Personal Wealth Cognition Trainer

Manifest more wealth and abundance with the right cognitions as you will be personally guided by a wealth trainer.


Personal Lifestyle Coach

No more worrying about keeping up with your goal and plan! Your personal lifestyle will be your companion in every step of your life, guiding you through your lifestyle plan and ensuring that you are on the right track.

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Personal Relationship Coach

Break free from binding conflicts by  navigating your relationships with the principle of Oneness, with the guidance of your personal relationship coach.


Access to experienced Coach

Lifetime Members are partnered with an experienced Lifestyle Coach who will be available 24/7 for guidance and lifestyle tips


Premium Access to Programs

Get exclusive front passes for all sessions, courses and program. When a new event is introduced, our Lifetime Members are the first one to know and are given exclusive opportunity to enroll first!


One-on-One Support

We work with our Lifetime Members with a one-on-one approach so we get to understand you and tailor a customised lifestyle solution for you.

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Free access to all our associated Temple campuses 

Unlimited free admission to temples and physical classes in temples associated with KAILASA, around the globe.


Free Access to our Continuous Education programs

You become a part of Kailaasa Federal Reserve Limited family when you signup to be a Lifetime Member. Keeping it in mind, we offer continuous education programs for free.


Premium and free access to our flagship programs

When we announce new courses or programs, our Lifetime Members are given first priority and on many occasions, premium free access to the programs.

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