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Manifest Health

​“Good health is not just the absence of disease, it is the presence of ease, a sense of well-being”

Disease starts in the mind. Often, our physical and mental disorders are side effects of deeper underlying issues, such as past traumas, lack of self-love, or unhealthy lifestyle choices. Over time, we reinforce self-destructive behaviours and thought patterns which eventually manifest as disease or depression. The multiple dimensions of the courses reprogram the neural pathways in the brain, repaving a path towards physical, mental, and emotional health.

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Manifest Abundance

Understand, the abundance, is always experience, wealth is manifestation. As long as you have this clarity, what should be experienced and what should be expression you are on the right direction.

If you think wealth should be experienced, abundance will be expression, you will be in poverty Forever. When you have this understanding, the state, this is experience, abundance is expression you can even enjoy that billions. Otherwise even with billions you will be having insecurity “How can I keep it together and manifest, just expand, expand, expand.”

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We love to Manifest Abundance..

Manifest Abundance in Relationships

Bridging the Gap :
“The way we view others is a projection of our own worldview”

Many times, our relationships suffer because there is a gap between how we perceive others, and the reality of who they truly are. Reality does not coincide with what we perceive, which leads to conflict. This is what is referred to as a rift between “My world” and “The world.” Learning how to close this gap is the focus of the relationships dimension of this program. In the course, the most complex issues surrounding how we relate to one another is addressed. In actuality, our actions are driven by the perceptions we hold in life. When these views change, naturally our reactions and responses to the world and those around us will also transform.

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Science of Completion

Your ordinary thinking is usually negative, because you rarely think positively. Positive thinking is like consciously trying to be positive, but falling into negative, then again starting with positive and falling into negative, and so on.

Positive thinking is just going with the negativity. It can never heal the negativity. Only complete cognition will heal the negativity. The deep wound, where you start believing that negativity will be your permanent lifestyle, can be healed only in complete cognition. Positive thinking cannot heal your strong  belief that failure is always going to be part of your life. Only with complete cognition, can you have the totally positive experience. Complete cognition is poornatva or completion.

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